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Does a website help a business? How to plan for it?
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Does a website help a business? How to plan for it?

Website Maintainance

Yes! It is very obvious that every business today needs a website. Be it a hygiene element, online existence, something to put on your visiting card or simply said, to bring popularity to your business, a website is a must for any and every business.

Imagine a room full of books that talk about the ways you can grow your business or to be more accurate, market your business. You definitely want to get inside this room right? Your website is the door to get inside this room! Yes, in short, your website will make you eligible to market your business online. It is not possible to do effective online marketing without a website.

It is often noticed that a website of the business is taken very casually by the top level management of the company. The reason for this being, most of the business leaders follow the traditional way of business which works well and they’re happy with the growth pattern and the work culture. What they actually miss out on is the rate of growth can be actually almost doubled with an effective online presence. In recent times though, with the knowledge shared on various platforms, some businesses are putting efforts to build their online presence.

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To get your business online, you will need a domain name and a web hosting plan. The domain name is a unique identity of your website defined by a name that you choose (depends on availability). Web hosting is nothing but a server space to store the content (text, images, video, etc.). Remember, there’s a lot more to it than just uploading information and images. The most important thing is, the web design, it needs to be fresh, simple yet attractive and clear. It includes the images and text both. You need to choose bright and well finished images that will attract the user to browse your website. The fonts and the color combination of the design should go with brand colors (generally with the brand logo).  One needs to figure out, how many sections does the site will have. Generally, the sections are Home page, about us, services/product, contact us, gallery. The content on your website (text +images) needs to be SEO friendly. The website should load quickly and should open clearly on different devices (it should be responsive). Every URL needs to be clean and there shouldn’t be unnecessary sections in the URL. Analytical codes to be put in the header section of the website in order to enable data collection and analysis. You have to discuss these things with your web developer.

Once you have a rightly planned website in place, it opens up the doors to several other ways of online marketing. Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, online PR of your business, etc. are some of the most important things you can do effectively with your website. A rightly planned website will be the one which will be made considering all the marketing activities that can be performed.

Written by – Amar Godbole

Founder – Media Matrix Marketing

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